GovComm wrong-way vehicle detection systems are designed to warn drivers, notify local traffic management centers, and law enforcement when a vehicle attempts to enter a highway on an exit ramp.
Upon detection of a wrong-way event, the system activates highlighted wrong-way flashing signs to provide the driver with a warning to take corrective action while presenting time-sensitive written alerts and image notifications to authorities.
Wrong way driving is a potentially deadly hazard because of the high probability of head on collision and exponential impact from vehicles traveling in opposite directions – especially on high-speed highway exit ramps. It is estimated 400 persons are killed annually in the U.S. due to head-on collisions from wrong way drivers. As a result, transportation agencies are aggressively seeking wrong way driving solutions

GovComm Technology

Bi-Spectrum Cameras for Differing Light & Environmental Conditions

Clear camera imagery can be challenging during sunrise, sunset, night, fog, smoke, rain, and snow conditions, so GovComm solved lighting and environmental concerns with the introduction of bi-spectrum cameras as an integral component of our video detection systems. Our bi-spectrum cameras provide excellent imagery in any light, environmental or weather condition. It is two sensor technologies integrated in one camera housing:
  1. An ultra-low light high-definition optical sensor that provides superb imagery and high-resolution, and
  2. A thermal sensor that creates images through measurement of infrared radiation.
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Have Additional Questions?
Contact one of our engineers!
Phone: 305-937-2000

NVIDIA® Computer Module Providing Exponential System Resources

To accelerate notifications and eliminate false-positive alerts, GovComm developers created a breakthrough artificial intelligence (AI) platform that resides on-board a Nvidia® embedded computer module with exponential CPU and GPU resources and a footprint about the size of a credit card. The Nvidia® embedded computer module is installed in a nearby traffic cabinet and hosts a web interface for system configuration.
High-speed analytics allows timely and accurate activation of the warning system which provides the wrong-way driver with timely alerts to take corrective action before a potentially catastrophic event. Authorities require life-saving information at the earliest moment to engage their important workflow.
Benefiting from high-speed analytics afforded by our Nvidia® embedded computer module, GovComm developers created the Detection OptimizerTM to timely confirm actual and eliminate false-positive alerts. The logic became so successful, that GovComm filed U.S. Patent Application No. 18/326,941 protecting our invention rights.
Using Machine and Deep Learning, GovComm’s wrong-way vehicle detection system extracts sequential still images from the bi-spectrum camera’s video stream feeds, then recognizes and plots vehicle movement within defined detection zone(s). The Detection OptimizerTM performs video analytic calculations 60 times every second, so a wrong-way incident is generally confirmed with tenths of a second.
Competing wrong-way vehicle detection systems perform their analytics on-board their cameras at much slower speeds, so competitors are unable to employ sophisticated logic that is necessary to distinguish between an actual wrong-way event and an anomaly that can cause a false trigger.

Form Factors

GovComm wrong-way vehicle detection systems are available on a recessed plate for installation into a traffic cabinet, or in a small equipment enclosure for mounting on a pole or wall. The systems can be powered by AC or solar, accept fiber, Ethernet or cellular network and activate warning systems wired or wirelessly.


GovComm wrong-way vehicle detection systems communicate with DOT Advanced Transportation Management System (ATMS) software and CompassTM which is our local or AWS cloud hosted management software.

The GovComm Advantage

GovComm believes in relationship building, not selling sophisticated systems, then wishing our customers good luck installing.
GovComm provides competitive pricing, but the biggest advantage over our competitors is our service which provides customers with on-time delivery, on-site system and reputation support during installation, testing and DOT acceptance…all resulting in substantial monetary savings.

How it works:

  • 1

    A GovComm wrong-way vehicle detection system including a bi-spectrum camera with thermal and high-definition optical sensors is installed on a highway exit ramp.

  • 2

    GovComm AI software on-board a powerful computer module monitors and performs hi-speed analysis of the bi-spectrum camera’s video feeds.

  • 3

    When a vehicle traveling counter to one-way exit ramp traffic flow is detected, the system alerts the driver to take corrective action by activating flashing wrong-way warning signs.

  • 4

    The system provides time-sensitive notifications, alarms, still and video images to the local traffic management center.

The competition

False positives

Competitors offering legacy detection technologies suffer an intolerable number of false alarms.

Inadequate resources, missed detections

Competitors miss potential deadly wrong-way detections and notifications because of inadequate computing resources
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Contact one of our engineers!
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