Traffic Statistics

Accurate volume and speed information with a high-definition video feed
The Govcomm difference

Higher accuracy through machine learning ​

GovComm’s traffic statistics application is built utilizing artificial intelligence with machine learning that has the benefit of becoming smarter over time. Our AI engine is regularly updated to improve accuracy. .


Govcomm’s AI is more accurate than radar​

Radar is notoriously inaccurate at slow speeds, so it does not work well in heavy traffic situations. GovComm’s traffic statistics application performs a high analysis of live video using artificial intelligence software residing on a powerful computer module. Our application is more accurate than radar, LiDAR and other video detection systems.

Fewer incidents of occlusion

Most radar is side-fired (installed at a 90° angle). When a truck is in the lane closest to the radar, the other lanes are blocked from the radar’s field of view and that traffic is missed. GovComm’s system is designed to be forward or rear facing. Vehicles are within the camera’s field-of-view for longer periods with fewer incidents of occlusion compared to side-fired radar.

Live Video Feed

GovComm video detection systems provide a high-definition video feed for traffic monitoring.

How it works:

Advanced Monitoring for Safer Roads

“GovComm AI software analyzes video feeds from thermal/optical sensors on highways.”

Providing Traffic Stats to Automated Systems

The collected traffic statistics are provided to an automated traffic management system.

Speed and Volume Monitoring

Vehicle speed and volume data (traffic statistics) are collected in user defined time intervals.

Enhancing Traffic Safety

Each travel lane is virtually identified and separately monitored.

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