First and foremost, GovComm is a Solutions Provider.  The Company shapes the future by working closely with its technology and integration partners from the design-consulting phase through implementation, integration and training. Our solutions can be seen globally from local commercial operations to sensitive government and military locations creating unprecedented value and opportunity for our customers and employees. 

Whether from inception or legacy expansion; small system or sophisticated enterprise; GovComm is an innovative problem solver. We accomplish the task utilizing the latest future-proof technologies out of the GovComm laboratories, which can interoperate with third party solutions from a myriad of providers.

City Wide Surveillance

GovComm’s network video solutions are an effective tool to protect a city’s citizens and property. The presence of security cameras creates a deterrence for the criminally minded thereby helping to create a safer and more secure environment. GovComm offers a wide range of weatherproof cameras, video servers and peripherals that are scalable, produce high quality images for detection and identification, easily installed and managed and are guaranteed to be future-proof.

GovComm’s robust surveillance equipment and smart technology will place your city on the forefront of crime detection and deterrence which is an important step to help keep your residents safe and secure.


Customized Platforms

GovComm engineers will design a solution that is customized for specific applications, applying technologies such as virtualization and unified communications to deliver services that are both secure and affordable. Where possible, we’ll integrate with your existing systems. Where new infrastructure is required, we’ll make sure you understand the costs and reasons. And, we’ll provide a blueprint for implementing your new network and managing it after deployment.  GovComm’s ITS solutions are an important part of the overall infrastructure. Our equipment provides integrity for high-risk sites while providing ease-of-use in a system that typically includes a complicated network.  Our systems are permission-based and offer a user friendly environment to configure our equipment in accordance with requirements. Many GovComm ITS systems are also available with multiple configuration alternatives that enable operators to rely upon primary and additional information in difficult situations.

End to End

Headquartered in Miami, Florida, GovComm, Inc. has developed a reputation for being an innovative designer, developer and manufacturer of advanced enterprise digital video surveillance hardware and software products and peripheral solutions for government, military and enterprise.

The Company is a true “single-source” manufacturer providing end-to-end hardware and software solutions, which can also interoperate seamlessly with a myriad of third-party products. First and foremost GovComm is a solution provider and we develop all products in the U.S.A.

GovComm works closely with its technology and integration partners from the design-consulting phase through implementation, integration and training. Our services and solutions can be seen globally from local commercial operations to sensitive government and military locations.


License Plate Recognition

License plate recognition (LPR) solutions can range from open road tolling, a community identifying its traffic, a parking facility monitoring revenues or a police department capturing footage (including the license plates) of speeders and red light runners.

GovComm intelligent traffic solutions feature cameras with on-board license plate recognition software meaning that the LPR function executes before the video is compressed and sent to the video server. GovComm LPR feature is 97% accurate while most competitors perform the LPR function utilizing compressed video on their video servers which is substantially less accurate and usually requires human interaction to identify the vehicle license plates.

GovComm provides military grade and highly available automated traffic solutions to fit your intelligent traffic requirements.

GovComm LPR firmware is an advanced identification technology for traffic surveillance, toll collection, traffic management and many other projects where accuracy, speed and automation are essential objectives. The firmware is loaded onto the network camera and processes in real time on the raw (before compression) image.


Mobile Surveillance

Mass transit, student transit, law enforcement and marine inland and coastal waterway vessels are common consumers of GovComm mobile surveillance products. Our mobile terminal servers are manufactured in an ISO 9001 factory, hardened, will yield to “G” force shock and are rated for extreme temperatures. GovComm mobile terminal servers accept network or analog cameras, utilize WiFi and / or GSM for communications and incorporate a GPS to pinpoint location and report speed.

The presence of GovComm mobile surveillance solutions are a deterrent to promote safety, discourage disorderly conduct, assist in tracking problem situations, help protect operators from false claims, enforce good practices and to investigate mishaps.

GovComm’s mobile surveillance solutions are highly available and the most robust in the industry.


Network Monitoring and Security

In a mission critical environment, you need 24 X 7 X 365 monitoring tools to advise you of the status of your systems so you can optimize performance and address potential problems.

GovComm offers an enterprise-class monitoring and alerting solution that provides IT infrastructure extended insight before problems affect critical business processes.

Comprehensive IT Infrastructure Monitoring
GovComm provides monitoring of all mission-critical infrastructure components – including applications, services, operating systems, network protocols, systems metrics, and network infrastructure.
GovComm provides a central view of your entire IT operations network and business processes. Powerful dashboards provide at-a-glance access to powerful monitoring information and third-party data. Views provide users with quick access to the information they find most useful.
Alerts are sent to IT staff, business stakeholders, and end users via email or mobile text messages, providing them with outage details so they can start resolving issues immediately.
Proactive Planning 
Automated, integrated trending and capacity planning graphs allow organizations to plan for infrastructure upgrades before outdated systems catch them by surprise.
Customized GUI 
A powerful GUI provides for customization of layout, design, and preferences on a per-user basis.
Ease of Use 
Integrated web-based configuration interface lets admins hand out control of managing monitoring configuration, system settings, and more. Configuration wizards guide users through the process of monitoring new devices, services, and applications – all without having to understand complex monitoring concepts.
Multi-Tenant Capabilities 
Multi-user access to web interface allows stakeholders to view relevant infrastructure status. User-specific views ensures users only see the infrastructure components they’re authorized for. Advanced user management simplifies administration by allowing management of user accounts. Provision new user accounts with a few clicks and users automatically receive an email with their login credentials.
Expandable Architecture 
Multiple APIs provide for simple integration with in-house and third-party applications. Custom interface and add-on development is available to tailor GovComm to meet your organization’s exact needs.