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List of DMS Software and links to download
Last Updated 5 years ago

In this section you can find information for the DMS software that you can use to do the following

1. Configure IP address, ports etc.
2. Connect
3. Create/edit/delete playlists including scheduling and different effects.
4. Upload play lists to DMS signs
5. Create format text/picture screens for DMS
6. Create new fonts
7. Create new libraries of images
8. Configure radar for speed feedback DMS with radar

Here is the list: You can download them by clicking the links below

1. VMS Controller. Click Here to download
2. VMSII For NTCIP. Click here to download
3. VMSII For NTCIP user manual. Click here to download
4. Sigma3000. Click here to download
5. Sigma 3000 User Manual. Click here to download
6. Imposa Mager. Click here to download.
7. UPGRADE from Jetfile II to NTCIP. Click here to download

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