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Configuring Compass Application on GovComm PTZ Camera (FW 5.3.0 and FW 5.4.9)
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FW 5.3.0 OP and below

FW 5.3.0 OP and below works with GC_SNMPd Version 1.04C and it only works with NTCIP (SunGuide) commands and not with web interface
In addition to the PTZ numbers showing degrees left/right, tilt up/down and Zoom GovComm PTZ cameras are coming with Compass application sowing the cardinal direction (N, NE, E ....). In order to make sure that the application is working properly it needs to be configured initially once the camera is installed in order to show the proper directions. Please follow the process in order to configure the Compass application:
1. Make sure the application is started (see attached file V1.04C.jpg). If you have Version 1.04C of GC_SNMPd then it will be the only application in the list. Version 1.04C works only with NTCIP commands (not web interface).
2. Make sure the cardinal direction is showing on Live view (see attached file OSD.jpg)
3. GoTo Live view and point the position to your North
4. GoTo Configuration - PTZ - Initial Position and Click Set in order to set the current position (pointing north) as your true north (see attached file (SetTrueNorth.jpg)
5. When you GoTo Live View and move the camera it will show you the proper cardinal direction
6. Make sure under Configuration - Image - OSD 1 position on the right is checked (OSD_conf.jpg)
7. If you upgraded the SNMPd package you need to re-save all the Presets in order for the compass to work properly 

FW 5.4.9 OP

FW 5.4.9 OP and below works with GC_SNMPd Version 1.05 and it works with NTCIP (SunGuide) commands as well as with web interface
In FW 5.4.9 OP cardinal direction can be shown (instead of PT). In order to do that pls check following:
1. Make sure the application GC_SNMPd V.1.05 is installed and started. FW 5.4.9 works only with this version. See screenshot attached (V1.05.jpg)
2. Under Configuration - PTZ - Basic Settings - PT Status - Direction is selected then save the configuration. See screenshot attached (compass_5.4.9.jpg)
3. Under configuration - PTZ - Position Settings point camera to the North and then click on Set as North. See attached screen shot ( SetNorth_FW5.4.9.jpg)
4. Make sure the cardinal direction is working in live view

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