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Configuring GovComm camera with Bosch Client Software
Last Updated 7 years ago

Please follow the procedure in order to configure Govcomm/ONVIF camera into Bosch Client Software.

Bosch Client Software is divided in:
- Configuration Manager
- Video Client

In the Configuration Manager you can add the cameras (most of them are automatically detected) and configure the camera settings. It has also a link to the cctv configuration through web browser, and live video. This software has the ability to detect a lot of different camera models. Choose ONVIF and Govcomm camera will be detected.
Bosch Video Client does not support ONVIF by itself. Solution is to install Bosch Video Streaming Gateway, which is a part of Bosch Video Recording Manager Software Suite. You do not need to install the Video Recording Manager(which is paid product), but just the Video Streaming Gateway(VSG) which is free. Once VSG is installed, go again to the Configuration Manager, and
- under devices tab, right click – select new device[pic 1]
- type the IP address of the VSG(IP of the workstation where it was installed)[pic 2]
- choose VSG[pic 3].
- Select VSG HTTP port 8080 [pic 4] and finally
- add the cameras to be assigned to the streaming gateway[pic 5].

Now if you log on again to the Video Client you will see all the cameras added to the streaming gateway without issue

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