GovComm’s primary market focus is as an Intelligent Transportation System solutions provider but we also bring our hardened solutions to critical infrastructure, government, homeland defense, military and safety and security environments.  GovComm does more than provide hardware and software…we work from the design engineering and consulting phase and are actively involved in deployment, implementation, training, and post-sale support.

Whether from inception or legacy expansion; small system or sophisticated enterprise; GovComm is an innovative problem solver. We accomplish the task utilizing the latest future-proof technologies out of the GovComm laboratories, which can inter-operate with third-party solutions from a myriad of providers.


GovComm is a world leader in Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) that help streamlines travel to ensure a fast, safe, efficient, accessible and convenient transportation system.  Our ITS systems target video surveillance and management, vehicle detection and reporting systems, open road tolling, dynamic message displays, connected vehicle technology, and network security.

GovComm ITS systems are ISO 9001 manufactured, fluent in NTCIP, certified NEMA TS2 compliant, resilient against category 5 hurricane force winds and recognized for excellence and compatibility.


GovComm delivers scalable, concept-to-reality solutions for every level of Federal, State, and Municipal Government security applications. Since no two agencies, projects or budgets are alike, GovComm focuses on application specific needs and engineers and delivers unified security solutions for mass notification, physical security information management, life safety, and command and control tailored to individual customer needs. Many, mission-critical projects fall outside the scope of ubiquitous, off-the-shelf solutions. No project is too large or complex for GovComm. GovComm brings a team of engineering, design and applications experts together and can custom manufacture and integrate solutions from system edge to command center.


GovComm has been actively involved in homeland defense initiatives working with its defense/ integration partners and end-user agencies on a variety of solutions around the country. Our mission has been innovation and flexibility adapting to ever-changing threats and vulnerabilities. Countermeasures are created using baseline technology that is constantly assessed and modified. GovComm’s expertise in for mass notification, physical security information management, and life safety provide homeland security personnel with state-of-the-art tools. From borders to seaports there are GovComm solutions at every corner of our country.


In an environment where the lives of combat personnel and civilians are at risk and tactical and strategic advantage is critical, video systems must deliver a higher degree of performance and precision. From ruggedized, integrated surveillance to command and control analytics, GovComm provides a wide range of products and solutions for even the most advanced military applications GovComm’s military security solutions team brings a wealth of experience and expertise together to solve even the most demanding missions. GovComm brings together leading systems partners with GovComm’s design and engineering talent and best of breed technologies.


Critical infrastructure is highly regulated and requires significant compliance due to the nature of its sensitivity. Governments are reliant upon stability to such assets as an incident can have far-reaching catastrophic economic, political and social repercussions. Availability and accessibility to energy and communications as examples are crucial. Acts of terrorism or a mishap could take years to restore, if at all. Managing such initiatives demands technically advanced solutions as securing plants and facilities can be overwhelming due to their scope, size, and concerns. Often perimeters offer challenges having ports and expansive land masses to defend. By the time issues of vulnerability are identified quite often it’s too late in the game to mitigate. Protection of assets and individual safety are not always “threat” related but may be an event of human error.


GovComm is actively involved in smart technology initiatives employing machine learning with artificial intelligence. We work with our integration partners and end-user agencies on a variety of solutions. Our mission has been innovation and flexibility adapting to ever-changing threats and vulnerabilities. Countermeasures are created using baseline technology that is constantly assessed and modified. GovComm’s expertise in physical security information management and life safety provide governmental agencies with state-of-the-art tools. From critical infrastructure, to borders to ports GovComm provides solutions.

Situational Awareness

GovComm provides cost-effective ways to increase levels of operational awareness, safety and security. Regardless of the type of facility, there is a GovComm solution that addresses your requirements.

Sales Quotes and Plan Takeoff’s

Before an estimator can bid for or start
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