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Our artificial intelligence engine delivers sensor-grade speed, volume, occupancy and classification statistics and wrong-way driving alerts.

GovComm’s video vehicle detection system (VVDS) utilizes machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to provide sensor-grade statistical data for volume, speed, occupancy, classification, cue and wrong way functionality. The application is powered by “You Only Look Once” YOLO AI engine and resides on a powerful and lightweight NVIDIA® “supercomputer on a module” device about the size of a credit card. The NVIDIA® hardware is typically housed in the traffic cabinet on the network local to the camera, but the software is also available as a central server licensed acquisition or on a stable, secure and hassle-free (SAAS license) cloud server environment.


Installation is incredibly simple. The installer points a fixed camera to the detection zone or installs a pan-tilt-zoom camera within view of the detection zone, then follows the setup wizard on the system’s user interface. YOLO studies the topography, draws a spherical map, studies the traffic, automatically configures lanes and direction of travel, then displays adjustable polygons overlaid on each lane where site specific configurations can be edited and saved.


YOLO is programmed to work with recognized advanced traffic management system (ATMS) software and can be configured to provide statistics at designated intervals. User interface menus include live view, user management, security, network, time settings, database, ATMS subscription and comprehensive reporting options.

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