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Using GovComm PTZ camera with Moxa PoE injector INJ-24A-T
GovComm PTZ cameras use High PoE. High PoE uses all 4 pairs (8 wires) of the network cable.
Moxa INJ-24A-T is a DIN rail device that provides High PoE to GovComm cameras. Moxa INJ-24A-T needs to be powered by 24 / 48 V DC. There are two inputs for 24/48 V DC labeled P1 and P2. You can use only of them with no redundancy and both for redundancy.
There are 4 dip switches at the bottom of the device. In order to provide High PoE please configure the 4 dip switches as it is shown on the picture below:image
Once the Moxa PoE injector is powered up and configured the LED labeled 4-pair Mode should be Green showing that High PoE is provided to GovComm camera.

For more information regarding the Moxa INJ-24A-T PoE injector you can see the manual or the attached files

Attachments: moxa_dip_switch.jpg (237 kb)  Moxa_PoE_Led_indicators.jpg (369.6 kb)  Moxa_dip_switch_settings.jpg (402 kb) 

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