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Focus distance configuration for GovComm PTZ cameras explained
When adjusting the focus there are several rules to follow:

To make changes to the focus settings, visit the web interface  Configuration --> Image --> Focus Settings. You will see drop down menus for "Focus Mode" and "Min Focus Distance" (see attached screenshot) 

1. "Focus Mode" has the following options: Auto - Semi-Auto - Manual
    - When on "Auto" the camera will constantly try to adjust the focus whether the camera is moving or not. The sensors are always engaged (even if the camera is still and no PTZ functions are engaged) and the focus will adjust to changes of scenery.
    - When on "Semi-Auto" the camera's focus will adjust only once after a PTZ function is engaged and will not readjust until a subsequent PTZ function is performed. When the camera is not moving, the focus can be adjusted manually from the focus control buttons.
    - When on "Manual" the camera will never adjust automatically.  The focus can be adjusted manually from the focus control buttons.

2. "Min Focus Distance" has several distance options to choose. The user should choose the minimum distance where they want the auto focus to engage. This is very important when there are moving objects within close proximity to the camera. For example if there is a tree close to the camera and the minimum focus distance is too close, tree branches moving with the wind can constantly engage and disengage the automatic focus causing unnecessary and constant adjustments and effect image quality.  If there are moving objects such as tree branches within 30 feet (10 m) of the camera, it is a good idea to set the distance greater than 10 meters. When the camera is installed on a high pole, GovComm recommends setting the Min Focus Distance at 10 m (30 ft) or greater.

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