Smart Parking Solutions

Smart Parking Solutions

Truck in warehouse - Cargo Transport

GovComm’s Parking Solution can be designed and modified according to your needs, with the easy setup and configuration of our embedded sensors, repeaters and gateways, makes our services cost-effective and reliable.


Parking Sensors

  1. GovComm sensors are configured specifically for trucks.  Typical car sensors are rated to 20” but trucks are often higher off the ground and require a greater vertical range.
  2. Designed to be set into the ground, it allows for easy road services, such as road sweepers or snow plows.
  3. Minimal  road work for installation and low cost in maintenance due to its design and battery life span of 10 years.
  4. Replies on a self-configuring, multi-hop and self healing network protocol, with automatic wireless reconfiguration and software updates, and reports on battery status and failures. 

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sensors-2Microwave Sensors

  1. GovComm forward looking microwave sensors monitor the Ingress and Egress of vehicles into and out of the parking locations.
  2. The sensors has the ability for Counting and Classifying – Provides Presence, Volume, Occupancy and Speed, and Wrong Way and Incident Detection.
  3. Each sensor measures Range, Radial Speed, Angle, Reflectivity and other parameters of up to 64 multiple stationary and moving targets simultaneously.
  4. Works in adverse conditions and almost unaffected by weather.

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