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GovComm’s Intelligent Lighting uses narrow-band radio technology specially designed (Narrow-Band IoT).  It connects devices more simply and efficiently on already established mobile networks, and handles small amounts of infrequent 2‑way data, securely and reliably.  Special focus of this standard is on very low power consumption, excellent penetration coverage and lower component costs, deployed in GSM and LTE regulated frequencies.

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Turning Street Lights On/Off

Intelligent Lighting offers lamp-level management capabilities.  Individual dimming and ON/OFF switching of the street lighting fixtures becomes an easy task.  You can choose our pre-programmed schedules, plan a schedule of your own or manually manage every street lamp, according to your needs. And you can do all that even on the road, using your iOS or Android device. Also, due to the lamp-level control, every lamp will turn on without any flickering caused by voltage surges, while the lighting grid will be powered 24/7, thus giving you the possibility to use the available energy for other applications, day or night.


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Dimming The Lights

When the street lighting needs to decrease in a certain area or within a certain timespan, Intelligent Lighting helps you dim the lights accordingly. If the pedestrian traffic decreases significantly between 1:00AM and 5:00AM, then dimming the lights is the right solution. You will considerably reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions, also reducing light pollution and overall environmental impact. And Intelligent Lighting is fitted to dim any of your street lights, using either magnetic or electronic ballasts, without any extra investments to the grid.


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Communicating Through The Grid

Intelligent Lighting controllers are mounted inside the pole or inside the lamp, while the communication devices are placed inside the power supply cabinets. Intelligent Lighting communicates using PLC (Power Line Communication) or RF between the lamps and the power supply cabinets and using any IP-based communication solution available between the cabinets and the mainframe. Also, the built-in advanced signal repeating mechanisms make it possible to communicate securely even over the largest street lighting networks.



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Sensing The City

Due to the lamp-level control, the street light networks managed by Intelligent Lighting are continuously under power. Therefore, there is a large amount of sensors and applications that can be mounted on the lighting network. Some of them will target to improve the citizens’ lives and help you maintain a safer city environment, like CCTV cameras, pollution sensors, noise detectors or traffic density sensors. Others will generate extra incomes for the community, like back-lit advertising panels or Electrical Vehicle charging infrastructure. And some will simply help you manage the street lighting efficiently.



Controlling The Infrastructure

Besides streetlight management, Intelligent Lighting StreetLight Control software is able to control virtually any device connected to the electricity grid, including electrical vehicle charging,  water sprinkles, electric gates or doors, access points and many more… This can really put your imagination at work and, as we know your city is unique, we are ready to accept your challenge



Reporting And Maintenance Schedule

Even when the lights are turned off during the day, the Intelligent Lighting servers receive and compile information from all over the network. Intelligent Lighting StreetLight Control Network Management Software is an application that offers advanced analytic tools, failure reporting, customizable maintenance planning, automatic daily backups and recovery procedures. iOS and Android compatibility makes sure that you have real time network mapping, street lighting inventory and access to the system’s functions even on the road.


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Energy costs are immediately reduced with up to 35% through intelligent on/off switching, targeted progressive dimming and efficient management of the consumption, while overall operational costs come down by up to 42% by detailed maintenance and preventive grid interventions based on system generated reports.

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Every city infrastructure and needs are different, so we have compiled a list of common questions our clients and potential clients have asked in the past.  If you cannot find the correct answers to your questions, please contact us directly.

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