Smart City Solutions

Smart City Solutionssmart-city-illustration

At GovComm, we achieve the balance between research and a hands-on, practical approach. We carefully assess and plan before getting in the middle of the action, and always get things done.

From technical consulting to remote technical support, we stand by our partners and never lose our grip of the project. Our complex solutions come to life through all-round customer support.

Intelligent Lighting


GovComm Intelligent Lighting is a complete street lighting remote management system and smart city platform that can be upgraded with virtually no limitations. We ensure that the right amount of light is provided where and when needed.

Smart Parking Solutions


GovComm Smart Parking Solutions is our answer to your needs, specifically designed for truck stops and weigh stations and can be easily modified and upgraded according to your needs.  With our service, the solution is simple and cost-effective with nearly no maintenance costs.