GovComm provides a full complement of consulting services for Critical Infrastructure, Government, Homeland Defense, Military, Safety, Security and Transportation initiatives. The scope of GovComm and its professionals’ core competence are expansive and encompass a breadth of vertical markets and applications.

End-to-end services provide customers with a single point of contact and responsibility, which minimize costs while expediting projects and programs. From inception to legacy expansion; small systems or sophisticated enterprise; GovComm is an innovative problem solver. We accomplish the task utilizing the latest future-proof technologies out of the GovComm laboratories offering end-to-end ready for market solutions, which can interoperate with third party applications from a myriad of providers.


Network Assessment and Design

Successful video networks begin with careful assessment and design. At GovComm, we consult closely with you so that we truly understanding your requirements and network constraints.

Our Approach

GovComm evaluates your existing network infrastructure to determine whether it meets the needs of the proposed system, and where it should be improved or changed. You may need more users supported, new applications, improved business continuity or consolidated services that reduce cost and improve security. Using the latest in diagnostic equipment, we can examine your network and pinpoint bottlenecks or potential bandwidth issues, and summarize your overall network performance in a network health assessment report.

Then we design a solution that is customized just for you, applying technologies such as virtualization and Unified Communications to deliver services that are both secure and affordable. Where possible, we’ll integrate with your existing systems. Where new infrastructure is required, we’ll make sure you understand the costs and reasons. And, we’ll provide a blueprint for implementing your new network and managing it after deployment.

Our Services

GovComm brings a complete suite of services to bear on every design project. Our engineers will help you assess your needs and capabilities in every critical area, including security, access, compliance, performance and management. Since security is an increasingly important concern, we perform detailed analyses of vulnerabilities and threats in your security architecture, and our network design will ensure that you have maximum protection against malicious access.


Pre-Sale Support

GovComm sales engineers (we also call them system engineers) are the technical glue of our company. GovComm understands that sophisticated technology requires pre-sales support to explain how each proposed system or piece of equipment solves specific customer needs.  Our sales engineers are available to answer detailed questions to clarify and explain implementation and operational specifics.

GovComm gets it…our team of technically savvy sales engineers support our front line sales to provide the best possible solution or choice of solutions for every project.


After-Sale Support

Some competitors place a majority of their resources on sales and provide little support after the sale is complete. GovComm considers the implementation and maintenance of our equipment after the sale as the most important part of the transaction.

GovComm after-sale support provisions include training on the use of our equipment, firmware updates, repair if damaged and warranty repair in event of defects.  Printed, electronic and online manuals, specifications, installation and help guides also answer support inquiries.  Additional support is available via:

·     Technical Support/Help desk: Assistance with technology

·     Customer Support: Assistance with configuring equipment

·     Automated Customer Service: 24 hour online assistance

·     Support Automation: GovComm’s online knowledge base is a forum allowing participants to ask questions and receive proactive and preventative support.

Unless other arrangements are made, it is always the responsibility for our customers to maintain their own network.  GovComm is available to consult, provide suggestions and tools to aide in network configuration and throughput calculations.

GovComm’s reliable after-sale support facilitates setup, deployment, maintenance and implementation of smart features.  Our repeat business speaks volumes of the service and support we make available after each sale.


Equipment Installation

GovComm partners with best-of-breed licensed and insured third party defense contractors and integration firms to ensure equipment is installed in a professional, timely and seamless manner. For those who choose to install using internal means, GovComm engineers and technical support personnel are available to guide you through the installation process via telephone, live chat, remote virtual terminal and on-location site visits.