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Simplicity of Use and Excellent Customer Support

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Govcomm provides a user-friendly configuration tool with minimal inputs required for installation.   If a customer provides latitude and longitude coordinates, we can pre-configure the sensor at the factory. Our sensors are all-inclusive meaning we provide a three dimensional mounting bracket, cables, a junction box that attaches to the sensor and a hardened media server or direct TCP/IP connectivity. 

Compared to traditional side firing devices that require high mounting, we recommend a sensor height of 20 feet.  GovComm innovative tools, included accessories and sensor design enable a rapid, hassle-free installation that can usually be completed in less than an hour.   

Govcomm offers hot swap-able replacements meaning if there is a defect within one year of purchase, we will send a replacement before receiving the defective unit.  GovComm has an online ticketing portal and a quick RMA process.

GovComm after-sale support provisions include training on the use of our equipment, firmware updates, repair if damaged and warranty repair in event of defects. Our repeat business speaks volumes of the service and support we make available after each sale.