Microwave Sensor

Streaks on road2GovComm traffic sensors feature the most advanced object tracking radar technology available today. Radar for intersection applications (stop bar and advance detection), road traffic management applications (counting and classification) and enforcement applications (speed and red light) are available.

Traffic Counting and Statistics

For fixed or mobile traffic counting stations, GovComm radar provides precise volume and classification data for 4+1 classes and we compute and accumulate statistical data including volume, occupancy, average speed, gap, headway and 85th percentile.  Furthermore it allows the most accurate lane specific speed measurement in the market.

GovComm radar can be used in urban installations as well as traditional freeway monitoring stations.  Our radar can be configured for multiple lanes and two directions.

Looking along the road but not perpendicular as older traffic sensors, the mounting position of our radar systems is flexible, either road-side, at the center of a highway or on a gantry, whatever sensor position provides the best coverage. No setback is required for a roadside pole mount deployment, existing infrastructure such as a light pole can be used. Competing radar systems require side firing positioning which sometimes have occlusion problems and need a very high mounting position, while GovComm radar can operate at a moderate height.  We provide a wide field of view that enables users to define up to four measurement (counting) lines inside the field of view.

Since vehicles are tracked over a longer period when they drive in the field of view, the driving behavior of vehicles can be further analyzed which helps mitigate occlusions and increases counting accuracy. Moreover, changes in speed can be monitored which are often an indication for possible incidents.

Incident Detection

GovComm radar sensors provide an event trigger module to define zone(s) of interest combined with specific event(s).  For example, if a car stops in the middle of a road or on a shoulder, the sensor can send a trigger message to the traffic monitoring center.
GovComm radar sensors provide unsurpassed speed accuracy, and track vehicles over a long period when they drive in the wide field of view, allowing driving behavior to be analyzed. Even small changes in speed are detected immediately, providing traffic management centers with information which can be an indication of a possible incident.

Real time occupancy and precise average speed parameter data is transmitted to traffic management centers making it possible for freeway monitoring systems to determine if and where a vehicular incident occurred. Because of our modular application software design principle, the applications counting and classifying incidents and detection’s can be combined.

Wrong Way Detection

While wrong way driving is one of the most dangerous situations a commuter can encounter, such events can be detected easily, reliably and very quickly with GovComm traffic radar sensors.  The Radar’s application software will find and report wrong way drivers immediately and the sensor can be integrated into existing or future warning systems.