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GovComm develops and manufactures intelligent hardware and software systems that capture high-definition vehicle images. From trigger to capture, our specialized cameras are equipped with an on-board license plate recognition engine that provides each vehicle with a unique identifier, video and still images, a day / date / time stamp, location information, a record of the license plate alpha-numeric characters and a calculated level of confidence.

Our equipment can either integrate into an existing system or is available as a turn-key package.

GovComm equipment and systems are hardened and developed to provide high availability and unprecedented accuracy. Our automation helps lower operational costs, improve customer service and increase traffic flow which also has a positive environmental impact.

2 MP Slow Speed (<45 mph) w/ Infrared Flash

2 MP Slow Speed (<45 mph) w/ White Flash

3 MP Open Road Tolling Camera System

9 MP Open Road Tolling Camera System