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GovComm’s remote management software utilizes algorithms, processes and correlative functions to provide a state-of-the-art street lighting management solution.  Our controllers and communication devices are compatible with open-protocol hardware solutions using Power Line Communication (PLC),   Low Power Wide Area Network (LoRaWAN™) or GSM/GPRS protocols.


  • SYNERGY – The GovComm multi-functional software platform is designed to be easily integrated with multiple city systems and applications. It can function over different communication technologies, allows third-party hardware devices and offers dedicated APIs to connect to existing integrated city management platforms.

  • AVAILABILITY – GovComm street light control software uses state of the art, stable and hassle-free cloud services. You can access GovComm from any computer or mobile device while having the guarantee that all the backup and security issues are being handled by our specialists. And, depending on your preferences, a full license acquisition instead of a SAAS license is also available.

  • FLEXIBILITY – Our software solution is designed to work with a multitude of technical solutions, regardless of the lamp or controller supplier and is open to future upgrades and extensions.

  • SAFETY – GovComm uses the latest data encryption technology to ensure that information transfer and system operation cannot be affected by outside intervention. Safety is of most importance to us and we have researching and continuously upgrading the security of our software solution, eliminating all vulnerabilities.

  • DATA WEALTH – Our software gathers large amounts of data and provides information on easy to understand reports, helping our customers to better analyze field situations and generate more accurate management actions to improving the lighting system’s performance.

  • CUSTOMIZATION – Localization, additional features and reports, and other particular requests can be integrated with GovComm street light control. Many municipalities are unique and we can customize our software to fully adapt to local needs.

Server or cloud based, with an advanced user management system, GovComm streetlight control is designed to efficiently manage street lighting projects regardless of their size, up to a virtually unlimited number of lamp controllers in large urban agglomerations and even a geographically unconnected metropolis. Highly interactive and user friendly, GovComm streetlight control provides powerful management and reporting tools: detailed lamp parameters, real-time error reporting and advanced maintenance scheduling tools. In addition, grouping, filtering, and updating can be performed through the bulk operations interface, making it easier to manage large number of lamps, groups of lamps, users or scheduled actions. The software application is capable of managing different communication technologies (LoRa™, PLC, GSM/GPRS), being able to integrate street lighting control hardware solutions from different suppliers. Furthermore, the system can connect and control other open protocol sensors and actuators, thus transforming GovComm infrastructure into a smart city platform.


  • Multi-language interface

  • SAAS or one-time license solution

  • Stable, secure and interoperable

  • API, available for open data integrations

  • Automatic street lighting operation (ON/OFF and dimming control)

  • Predefined exceptions to the lighting schedule and manual override

  • Smartphone application support for installation and commissioning

  • Vendor agnostic, compatible with different lamps and lamp controllers

  • Advanced scheduling based on astrological calendar or light/motion sensors

  • Lamp and grid monitoring, real-time alerts, malfunctions management and triggered commands

  • Unlimited numbers of lamp layers and lamp grouping possibilities, advanced filtering and bulk updating actions

  • Flexible map visualisation, public or private map provider integration: ESRI GIS, Google maps, Open Streetmaps etc.

  • Advanced user management: privilege, area allocation and system management (including independent sub-systems)

  • Advanced data analytics, reporting tools and performance graphs, featuring detailed filtering capabilities (lamp runtime reports, energy savings reports, luminary status reports, etc.)