Physical Security Information Management (PSIM)

Connectivity and Integration – Connects and manages multiple disparate systems such as video, radar, mass notification, access control, intrusion, life safety, perimeter protection, and automation.

Real-Time Policy / Configuration Management – Defines and changes policies and parameters related to various connected devices in the underlying subsystems ensuring high availability.

Correlation and Verification – Automatically connects and cross-references multiple events from multiple disparate systems in real-time providing the ability to flexibly set rules.

Visualization – Visualizes the actual situation independently from active events.

A Rules-Based Workflow for Response – Immediately offers a step-by-step action plan, based on pre-determined rules and policies, to respond, manage / counter incidents and control response operations.

Availability/Resilience – Redundant functionality (e.g. servers, communication gateways and databases) to support continuity and disaster recovery.

Post-Event Reporting and Analysis – Provides an audit log that allows for post-event forensic review detailing the event situation and the action taken.